stamp seals in the space, often reflect the history, science and technology, economy, culture, customs, natural features such as characteristics of a country or a region. Nowadays, the communication is more and more convenient, the usage of the stamp is decreasing, and the value of the commemorative and collection of stamps is more obvious. Stamps issued by the state or regional management, is a symbol of national or regional sovereignty, stamps on the characters are often a country's great man. Slovakia post office will issue stamps Sagan, issue 610, Sagan became Slovakia sports new national hero. the stamp from Slovakia famous cartoonist Jozef Gertli Danglá R design and pattern is Sagan Road World C Cheap air jordans for sale hampionships last year to get the, gold in the hands of cartoon like, in denominations of 1 euro, plans to issue 30 million copies, on April 21, coming to market. Sagan love friends, quickly think of a way to start a cards. "Sagan is not only a great athlete, is an honest person with a big heart and a bright smile. He did not hesitate to help others, because he knew the importance of not only victory. He has the ability to customer service any obstacle, has become a great example." Slovakia stamps introduction evaluation sagan. Slovakia is a small country in Central Europe, but it is an important force in the world of sports, since 1993 has become an independent country, in the Olympic Games and other world se Retro jordans for sale ries in the award of honor. A skiing, canoeing, weightlifting and football Slovakia traditional sports. Bicycles are not on the public project. however, a person who changed Slovakia cycling, he is Peter · sagan. Sagan in cycling record breaking achievement, for 4 consecutive years won the tour de France the green unlined upper garment, a year after winning the world road championship, Sagan became Slovakia household figure is representative of today's sport in Slovakia. Slovakia issued a lot of Sports Stamps, mainly to commemorate the Olympic Games and other events and a sports. There are also some of the stamps, such as is a famous football player Jan · popluhar (Já n Popluhá R, 1 cheap jordans for sale 935-2011). In February 14, 2013, Slovakia issued a commemorative stamp. Slovakia ice hockey legend, goalkeeper Vladimí Dzurilla R (1942-1995), who participated in the 8 Ice Hockey World Championships. Won 3 gold medals, two silver medals, 3 bronze medals. In March 31, 2015, Slovakia issued a commemorative stamp. Sagan stamps upcoming, Sagan also entered the ranks of the legendary players (and more stamps). said earlier, the Slovakia bicycle exercise in Sagan before fame did not fire.classic running shoes GEL-LYTE SPEED recently, with a new "Safety Yellow" color, high sounding regression. 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This shoe is now in the stage of Prototype that can be mass production next year. And this year, the two will work together to bring this new design. adidas Futurecraft 3D Prototype adidas Tailored Fibre Prototype adidas Parley and for Oceans in early 2015 has reached a period of 5 years of cooperation projects, to at that time to the popularity of shoes Adidas Ultra Boost as the blueprint, behind by Primeknit technology R & D team Alexander Taylor Studio led. In February this year, the brand to bring the future of Primeknit Tailored Fibre, and don't need to have wool, polyester, mixed fiber produced by Primeknit technology, Tailored Fibre only need a material to produce, and can gi cheap jordan shoes for men ve athletes foot type data to the printer on the plane loom to weave a more fitting foot shape the body of the shoe, while retaining the properties of Primeknit lightweight breathable. 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Tailored Retro jordans for sale Fibre made fishing nets Adidas will collect back, and the called "Tailored Fiber Placement" of the new technology of weaving shoe body surface green, shape and the previous Tailored Fibre shoe meet, and equipped with Boost shock absorption. the design is happy thoughNIKE recently in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China these three most representative cities for inspiration, launched to enable its avant-garde Zoom Hyperflight shape model based on a series of "China" do not note shoes, and respectively, lions, sharks and tiger named. Among them, the Beijing representative of money "Beijing: Lion", chose to honor the golden grain is covered with delicate weave of synthetic upper elaborate, with Lion "kin cheap jordans for sale mens g of the forest" image to highlight Beijing domineering empire; and "Shanghai: Shark" is used in the design of the water element, with aquamarine color with a glossy presentation, on behalf of this magic are closely linked with the Jianghai. As the representative of the Guangzhou "Guangzhou: Tiger", then the whole a vamp encrusted tiger patterned to brave ferocious tiger to describe the characteristics of the rapid development of the city. Currently, Nike Zoom Hyperflight Premium "China" do not note series was the first sale to China, as for stores elsewhere in the world will have to wait until early August shelves. & nbsp;is a year of spring, the best season to ride a year. play on the road or the road ca cheap foamposites r off-road, playing in the wild, this is a long history of the strange idea. The idea of early in the tour de France has just launched in 1910 has in Europe very popular, then mountain bike to wait 50 years to appear, living flywheel also will not be allowed appear in the game. That year the winner of the tour de France, the French rapids excitedly to the media said before they can win the championship thanks to the highway cross-country match good training effect, since off-road races was accepted as the formal events. Nowadays, CX Games has evolved into the competition of world class every year to attract millions of viewers to watch the handsome boys and pretty girls fought in the mud, carrying the bike to run to the end, and joy. so it is fun to have a wild, today to give you a brief introduction to the recent years, Europe and the United States a new road car: comprehensive road car (here is a hard wide: NORCO also has a super wide off-road vehicles Road, oh ~) comprehensive road origin is Canada there are people with the installation of half tooth Fetal Normal Road car to participate in road racing, although in a difficult stage through some discount, more dependent on the skills of the knights, but good Ping Lu acceleration, relatively light weight and more suitable for the general comfort let norco remember the strange car. After a period of time of modified, norco comprehensive road car the endurance road geometry, also has a certain off-road performance, are better able to cope with complex road, the most important is comfortable compared with the general road traffic has been greatly improved, and therefore subject to a long-distance cycling enthusiasts are welcome. has basic properties and essence of road running wild blood, comprehensive road car is more suitable for just from mountain bike transition to the highway car ordinary riding enthusiasts, brush ring two cross-country affordable! Do not believe? We talk! 71.25 head tube angle and 130mm head tube lengths and the mainstream of 50.5cm large groups of highway vehicle is almost the same, and endurance road vehicle head tube geometry data in exactly the same way, riding are also very close. But a closer look bold head tube. It is obvious that the design of the road car, in the end or in the design of the service for the ordinary people, the comfort in the design language, drag brake fork and bending are large, also serves on the damping effect. Under the conditions of new specifications of disc brake of highway, search the whole department of 15mm barrel shaft design, strength is higher than general mountain bike, with stable but was still domineering wide tyre, visible, the guy is really not only is galloping on the pavement Zhuer;The disc is still using the traditional column column installation design, installation in the car as the new FLAT MOU〉 though