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And this double Zoom Soldier 6 outstanding performance this time also captured the hearts and minds of countless real party, a friend recently wanted to start with the actual shoes may wish to reference.Nike AIR PEGASUS 83 had been born for more than thirty years, after last year's 30th anniversary commemorative after, brands are not ignored this classic shoes new color design, overwhelmed bring Cedar/ summit white and dark Obsidian/ hyper Turquois Cheap air jordans for sale e two color. Suede fabric with traditional collocation, is set off the shoes retro means. number: 599124-602number: 616324-405source: TitoloChinese shoes Network September 26 hearing of HK $ 4.1 / share, Peak Sport (1968.HK) to determine the September 29, 2009 landing HKEx issue price. By this calculation, the Olympic sports to raise funds listed on the HKEx will reach HK $ 1.7 billion, 14% higher than the previous forecast of HK $ 1.5 billion. Quanzhou the shoe king, Quanzhou shoe tends to Hong Kong's capital market. Pick a city rivals ANTA Sports [9.97 1.01%] (2020.HK), Xtep [3.78 -1.82%] (1368.HK), 361 degrees [3.37 0.60%] (1361.HK) Following the fourth landed in cheap jordans online Hong Kong Exchange shoe, shoe king Jingnan family wealth also soared to HK $ 5.2 billion. "Pick a go international, professional line of Chinese brands. Hong Kong is a super international metropolis, is an international business, bringing together the financial capital of culture of the land, while connected with the mainland culture." Chairman of the Board of Directors of Olympic sports such Jingnan to "China Business" reporter explained select HKEx completed Olympic capital of reasons. capital to strengthen the brand According to Olympic sports prospectus, the IPO offering a total of 4.1958 million shares, of which 90 percent will be international placement and Retro jordans for sale the remaining 10% of the public offering in Hong Kong. The international placement ended September 16 gained eight times oversubscribed, with total financing of HK $ 1.7 billion, 14% higher than the previous forecast of HK $ 1.5 billion. Excluding the over-allotment option, the total share capital after the listing of Olympic sports 2,098,000,000 shares. Xu Jing Nan family holds a total of about 61% stake in Olympic sports: where Xu Jing Nan and his wife were holding approximately 17.5 percent, Xu Jing Nan Hua Xu and Xu's two sons were holding up about 13%. Press calculate price of HK $ 4.1, after the listing of the company's total market capitalization of HK $ 8.6 cheap jordans for sale billion. Compared with rivals, the Olympic capital of the late start to be a lot different is listed in Hong Kong before the completion of capitalized financing venture with Olympic way to make up the gap. August 2007, Sequoia Capital Peak, get 7.8% stake; in 2008, the Olympic introduced CCB International, Shenzhen Capital and other private funds to complete the second round of fund-raising; in April 2009, completed the introduction of Sequoia Pick Capital, Legend Capital, CCB International and three private equity investment institutions nearly $ 60 million in a third round of investment, completed the final round of pre-IPO financing. "pre-IPO venture capital fun cheap foamposites d is mainly used for the company's brand building and channel development. 2009 will open 1,000 stores, the financial crisis is a good opportunity for us to enter the city from the second and third tier cities . "Olympic Sports CEO Zhi-Hua Xu said," Olympic basketball shoe market share in China than Nike high nearly 10% thereafter Peak will be running and outdoor sporting goods market moderate expansion, this year plans to set up global R & D centers in the United States. ". "After CCBI shares, China Construction Bank [5.74 -0.69%] (601939.SH, 0939.HK) gave us a lot of credit suddenly increased; Sequoia via online shopping sites they invest overseas to help us carry ou Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping t the whole world sales, Lenovo and we share their management experience. "Xu Zhihua said. "fancy Olympic venture based on two." Xu Jing Nan explained to reporters, "First, the financial crisis, investment security and defense class kind of choice, which the medical and pharmaceutical, consumer focus. Pick It is a typical consumer goods manufacturing enterprises; the second is the Olympic and pay specialization has been emphasized efforts, focusing on basketball shoes this market segment, so that we go beyond the domestic market in 2007, Nike became the first major basketball shoe manufacturing enterprises, the annual compound growth rate of over 80%, high return on Retro jordans for sale investment, a successful landing HKEx and provide them exit channel. " The" burn "in the end According to Pick of the prospectus, 48.3% IPO to raise funds for media advertising, branding and marketing activities, in accordance with the actual funds raised HK $ 1.7 billion calculations, this part of HK $ 821 million; for the expansion of the sales network and provide incentives to stimulate sales revenue growth accounted for 15.6% IPO funds raised HK $ 265 million. With a total of HK $ 1.086 billion in sales related activities, and to raise funds for the expansion of funds accounted for 27% of production capacity and research and development projects, a total of HK $ cheap jordans for sale mens 459 million. Reporter Statistics found that HKEx has landed Anta, special steps, 361 degree city Olympic competitors IPO to raise funds for most of branding, which is used to enhance the brand Anta spend HK $ 1.1 billion , accounting for HK $ 3.168 billion of funds raised 37.7%; 361 degrees, although branding of HK $ 780 million total cost, but the proportion of total funds raised accounted for 39%. "it can be seen from the development of the Olympic idea: to enhance the brand and expand sales and marketing network, improve and consolidate market share," Guangzhou, a consumer goods industry researcher, said the sporting goods industry is very dependent for the bra Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping nd high, each country, the sport's top athletes almost as Nike, Adidas taking, as its spokesperson, but the two companies only speak for the nearest $ 1 billion per year cost, "And advertising costs, including radio, television, newspapers , magazines, the Internet and outdoor advertising, sponsorship of various sports events, etc. " The researchers believe that Peak's strengths lie in professional basketball shoes. To pull and Anta, special steps, 361 degrees gap in basketball shoes market segments, in addition to increase R & D, but also must go to greater than their spokesmen star brand endorsement. Meanwhile, although in the last three years the Olympic domestic market opened a lot of second and third tier brand retail stores, but the number of brand stores in cities of less than Anta and other competitors, and therefore will want to use the Olympic April 2009 to get the $ 60 million venture capital fund and then open 1,000 stores. And enhance the brand was not only reflected in the number of shop, supporting the advertising is essential. "To be in this industry tree brand, you have to burn." "Olympic brand dependence is relatively high. The money we raise through the listing, a large part will be used in our branding, the Group will continue to enhance the brand image by sponsoring more international sport filled race, especially the international market brand recognition. "Xu Jing Nan said, but he also said that the future Olympic brand strategy will not change, in order to basketball equipment brand as a spindle and products will not change, "When the sporting goods market matured, the strategy we will adopt include reducing costs, improving profitability of a single shop in the product mix and price greater emphasis on profitability combination and so on. " Guotai Junan [0.00 0.00%] (Hong Kong) researcher Lee criterion for Olympic sports" cautious purchase "rating. He believes that, compared with Anta and 361 degrees, until the end of June 2009, the total number of Olympic brand retail stores reached 5667, slightly lower than the 6129 ANTA. From 2006 to 2008 the business situation, the number of its retail stores compound growth of 49%, while revenue and profit CAGR of 81% and 109%. The first half of this year, its footwear and apparel products to contribute revenues were 46%, 52%, from the sale of a regional perspective, domestic sales accounted for 91%. "It is clear that the company's historical earnings CAGR is higher than the industry average and Anta, but this is mainly because the network expansion CAGR of 49% due to the company should maintain a healthy same store sales growth to sustain Growth momentum was reasonable. "Lee Jun representation.