& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Liu Xiang stood on the 110-meter hurdles track, the starting gun, white figure passing ...... he wearing a pair of printed vibrant hook trademark "Nike" it is possible to produce from Longchuan County, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, China. & Nbsp; world attention NBA, "Giant" Yao singled out "big sharks" O'Neal ...... In the near future, his pair of pedals "Nike", equally likely produced in Longchuan County, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, China. & Nbsp; This may seem a fantasy, but in reality not. September 25, Longchuan Heller Footwear Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Heller footwear under) added 40 acres of land for construction finalized and will soon be started, will become the world's first brand sports shoes "Nike" of the plant. In the co Retro jordans for sale mpany's production plants, two "Nike" production line has been the transformation is completed. & Nbsp; As early as last month, "Nike Longchuan made" it is a foregone conclusion. "Nike" aspects of the responsible person, "your visit," Heller shoes, after Heller footwear for environmental, safety, health and other aspects of 126 projects for inspection and evaluation, proposed a "harsh" requirements: Heller shoes industry can not produce other brand shoes, only the production of "Nike." Heller shoe thus making a capital increase this year, $ 10 million plant expansion and updating equipment to meet the "Nike" respect the requirements of the decision. & Nbsp; According to plan, Heller Shoes "Nike" production line will be put into operation in April next year. After covering 40 acres of the new plant is complete cheap jordans for sale d, Heller footwear will produce "Nike" six million pairs, all products from Heyuan customs export, the export value of over $ 100 million. & Nbsp; Ryongchon the "shoe city plan," and thus a great step forward. & Nbsp; "Heller" specimens significance & nbsp; Ryongchon the "shoe city plan", and Heller Footwear inseparable. And Heller shoes, then almost missed Longchuan. & Nbsp; Heller Heller Footwear Industrial Co., Ltd. of Hong Kong in August 2000 in Ryongchon set up wholly foreign-owned enterprises. As early as 1998, that the company that intends to invest and Longchuan, and signed a letter of intent to invest. But the time invested hard Longchuan, the soft environment, and allows the Letter of Intent "sleep" over two years. May 2000, the company chairman Zhao personally to Longchuan visit. Car "difficult" af Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ter passing 205 State Road East source stone ancient king road, Mr. Zhao's enthusiasm is almost completely lost. Fortunately, Longchuan County passionate person concerned makes it difficult for him to give up meaning categorically investment. He called Longchuan relevant staff to help him run the procedure within two months, trying to test the efficiency of Longchuan departments and the entire soft investment environment. As a result, Longchuan relevant personnel in all procedures completed within a week. Mr. Zhao was deeply moved, I decided to rent land Longchuan County Building, exploratory investment in building Heller footwear. & Nbsp; Heller Footwear start and negative. Opening the first four months of the decision-making headquarters of some people playing backing out. Longchuan warm again to retain the Retro jordans for sale leadership of the Heller footwear. Mr. Zhao promised to "adhere to one or two years depending on the situation and then decide fate." A few years later, Heller shoe not only survived, but also continue to increase their expansion. In 2002, Heller Shoes invested nearly 100 million yuan, 190 acres of land purchase, construction of garden-Heller Industrial Park, the introduction was the world's most advanced automated production line shoe. & Nbsp; 2004 In April 2009, the new plant into operation, monthly production of 300,000 pairs. Thus, in Longchuan Heller Footwear invested over 120 million yuan, the number of workers has increased from the original hundreds of people to nearly 8,000 people. & Nbsp; ". Heller footwear development, investment in terms of having a specimen for Longchuan meaning" ????? Longchuan Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping county party secretary, said, "From the skeptical, wait and see attitude to the exploratory investment, the construction of the industrial park from rented premises to invest , from production to production of shoe uppers, from minor to produce the upcoming world brand sports shoes and had planned listing in Hong Kong in 2008, Heller footwear Longchuan development process is to build the 'more money, less trouble a microcosm of the body good 'class investment environment, reflecting the hard, soft investment environment changes in Longchuan, especially greatly improved traffic conditions and service environment "& nbsp;., the official Heller deeply footwear We have experience of: "We continue capital expansion, city and county leaders and relevant departments to provide quality services for our business are cheap jordans for sale mens inseparable whenever difficulties and problems, county leaders will visit the site to help resolve.." & nbsp; "Shoes" development target & nbsp; Heller footwear development, leaders at all levels to cause concern. Politburo member of the Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Zhang Dejiang, Governor Huang Huahua, Party Secretary Liang Wu Ruicheng hair and mayor and other leaders have to Heller footwear study guide. & Nbsp; March last year, when Liang sent to Heller footwear study suggested Longchuan industrial development priorities, is to optimize the environment to undertake industrial transfer, in particular, to seize "a garden (Baolong Industrial Park) a faucet (Production Shoes) "around" Shoes "to develop the footwear industry, the PRD shoe industry attracted. & Nbsp; Ryongchon the "Shoes City Plan" in thi cheap jordans online s "released." Although still far from the goal, but things are moving in a good direction. "Shoes planned" short-term goal is: By 2008, the footwear industry to achieve an annual output value 1,000,000,000 yuan, the number of workers up to 2 million people. The full production next year Heller Shoes "Nike", its annual output value will reach over 800 million yuan, the number of workers will increase to about 10,000, plus Longchuan County Po-yuan shoe Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Po-yuan system shoes) Existing nearly 2,000 people, the total number will reach 1.2 million people. Pengding Bang that will actively contribute to Longchuan Heller Footwear and Po-yuan shoe transfer R & D base, driven footwear Longchuan, the downstream industrial development, to expand the industrial scale, and the government is tryi cheap foamposites ng to create industrial environment, and guide industry development, urged footwear industry group has become a strong competitive. & Nbsp; analysts believe that this goal is not far away. Take the "Nike", its main global order production model is continually shift to low labor cost countries. Industrial transfer mode developed areas also probably the case. As a labor-intensive industry, the footwear industry transfer to mountain gradient imperative. Settled in Longchuan Heller Footwear and footwear Bao Yuan, came from Dongguan, both the number of workers in Dongguan reached five or six people, and Dongguan have been "willing to do the workshop." From this perspective, Heller footwear and Po-yuan are likely to shift base shoe, Longchuan Just keep an eye on these two "tree", it is possible to obtain the footwe Cheap air jordans for sale ar of a "forest."Nike KD6 GS new color physical release 2014-05-06 22:47:17 Nike KD6 Elite is coming soon, but that does not mean that the original KD6 will fade out of our sight. A few days ago and a new color of KD6 GS exposure on the network, this new color at first glance there is a slight taste ??? coast. Shoes with sky-blue shoes are complemented by soft pink Swoosh, midsole and laces places showing green grass, and finally loaded on orange KD Logo. Currently No exact release date of which color, SIZE shoes newspaper will continue to focus. Nike KD7 "BHM" color spy photos exposed 2014-11-12 14:54:07 Nike in February each year will launch a series of "Black History Month" topic of shoes, a pair of recently exposed the network lead Nike KD 7 "BHM" spy shoes, shoes with black and white tone overal cheap jordan shoes for men l, Golden "BHM" Logo embellishment on the vamp Velcro shoes covered with ethnic style totem for shoes last year brought a completely different feeling. The shoes of commercial information Write exposed, like a friend might continue to focus our follow-up reports. & nbsp; Katrina brought pain seems not yet healed, it took 1,833 lives. Recently the network exposed one pair Jordan & nbsp; Brand this tragedy to create a pair of anniversary edition of Air Jordan 1 High, designers use to render the whole red and black and dark golden and red represents the relentless hurricanes, black and gold is a metaphor New Orleans Saints He won the championship, in order to show the world that the hurricane has not destroyed the city, nor take away their love for the sport! At present, the shoes only two spy photos leaked, yet no specific information exposed for sale, and interested friends may wish to continue to focus our follow-up reports friends. LACOSTE FOOTWEAR 2012 winter soft suede desert boots 2013-12-08 22:48:03 This season's Lacoste shoes emphasize careful and detailed design, with an honest, simple, elegant interpretation of the key elements of youth and vitality. Shoes offers a variety of color options, meet with someone who's fresh ideas. CLAVEL AP 4 uses a soft suede boots this careful production, it increased the number of modern unique style, in line with most people's expectations for the desert shoe. Part of the leather tongue reinforcement, a very special show crocodile logo, but also increased the molding of EVA insole, soft and hard moderate, increase comfort and immediately doubled. This has a variety of colors.NIKE Kobe 9 elite high (hyper grape) color is now at nike.com sale, due to its special Super purple theme color and Bryant Away Jersey color is almost the same, just a sale, they received a lot of fans in hot pursuit, all purple flyknit weaving vamp with on both sides of the looming Flywire dynamic fly line, supported by grey outsole and black carbon fiber door plate, and finally to silver white dotted swoosh and Kobe Bryant personal logo. source: sneakerfreaker& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - the world's largest and most dynamic brand] deadly sports shoe manufacturer Nike announced late Thursday fiscal first quarter earnings. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; results, because sports equipment sales rose more-than cost growth, Nike's first-quarter net profit rose 15%. The fiscal year ended Aug. 31 of a $ 645 million quarterly profit, equivalent to $ 1.36 per share. Over the same period last year the figure was $ 559 million, $ 1.17 per share. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike's revenue grew 18 percent to $ 6.08 billion. Revenue excludes currency impact increased by 11%. Nike's report far more than analysts had $ 1.25 earnings per share, and revenue of $ 5.75 billion expected. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The company said sales will remain worldwide sales are still strong, which will help offset rising raw material costs and discount costs, and these two points in the quarter, earnings were eroded profits. Nike says the number of orders from January to an increase of 16 percent this month, the company is still in the first quarter of fiscal year of about $ 649 million cost of repurchased 770 million shares.