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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] no matter how local Chinese sports brand Fengeng London Olympics, had to admit that the protagonist of the London Olympics or Nike and Adidas. The two companies control the world's top sports resources. In the past 2011, Chinese market are Adidas, Nike contributed 10% of revenue. London Olympics, Adidas sponsored the Chinese men's soccer team, Chinese men's volleyball team, the Chinese taekwondo team of men and women, Chinese men fencing team, Chinese boxing, the Chinese judo team of men and women and other 13 sports teams. Nike is sponsoring the Chinese national basketball team, weightlifting team, wrestling team, track and field team, tennis team, archery and beach volleyball team and other teams seven sports teams. In addition, Nike also has Liu Xiang, Li and other star athletes. Layout tier China's domestic sports brand sales decline and high inventory withstand challenges, Adidas's sales have been on the rise. 2012 first quarter, Adidas global sales growth of 14% in China grew by 26%. Although the second quarter and semi-annual report to be released until August, highly Skyline managing director of Adidas Greater China in the media roundtable, said this month that the data is still optimistic, he cited an example, is that they sponsored the Spanish team win in the European Cup. This t jordans on sale mens ime the London Olympics, Adidas UK company became an official sponsor of the London Olympic level and, therefore, more activities and sponsorship by Adidas for the British company, China Area Activities in the direct sponsorship of the relatively small number of but this does not mean that Chinese companies Adidas "limited resources" this year. Adidas Chinese companies in the message, told reporters that they support and sponsorship of some of China's sports teams and athletes. Such as boxer Zou Shiming and taekwondo, the defending champion - they had hoped to win the championship again, and in addition, Adidas also sponsors the Chinese national volleyball team and other sports teams, which are to be carried out Olympic marketing. In addition, in order to meet the Olympic Games and the Chinese Year of the Dragon, Adidas launched the Julong ring activities. The biggest purpose of this activity is to hope that Adi influence to cover a larger area, whether it is first-tier cities, second-tier cities, third-tier cities are expected to cover Adi place. According to Adidas "Gateway 2015 strategy" planning, Adidas Chinese company to look into the second and third tier cities in China. In their 2012 plan, they will open 600 new stores, and now the focus is on second and third tier cities, the future will be more concerned about the smaller low buy cheap jordans online er-tier cities, mainly in the west. London Olympics this year, compared to Nike sponsored the popular Chinese basketball tournament, Chinese tennis and Chinese track and field team, Adidas sponsored team seems to have a niche, in addition to Chinese football and Chinese Volleyball slightly hot, the rest are relatively "unpopular" . However, the high Skyline denied the "small minority" this statement:. "In fact, this view more subjective, because each person's preferences are different, you like fencing, he likes boxing, various competitions both lovers we are A very comprehensive sporting goods company, in 26 major events in the Olympic Games, 25 events have our product lines and services. Now the only one we have no way to provide goods and services is equestrian, because we have no way of production horses. " Star Tactical Sports Insiders have a comparison, Adidas and more willing to spend money on large-scale events and activities, and Nike, is more like sponsoring sports stars - is worth mentioning is that Nike explore potential newcomers on always unique vision. Many famous athletes, at a young age, it has been signed Nike. For example, now the New York Knicks Jeremy Lin fire very moment, back in August 2010, Nike (Taiwan) and the company is still sitting "back seat" Jeremy Lin signed a three-year contract, this contract perfor Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale mance to the second In time, Jeremy Lin in the NBA rising. Although Nike also set objective assessment criteria, but to specifically describe Nike's selection criteria, but it is very difficult. Nike will ever feel this choice is described as - "very grassroots selection." Nike sports marketing department head of mining potential athletes, they usually will focus on tracking objects are Athletics, Football Association and other sports associations and sports focused schools. Many members of this team are specialized background in sports. Such as mining, Marketing Director Liu Xiang Li Tong, Nike in 1981 and he is the first athlete signed in China. Liu Xiang Li Tong at age 18, eyeing him, and predicted that he will be successful. In his recommendation, after Nike, field trips, signed Liu Xiang, it spent only 300,000 a year, and in the next few years, to provide him with specialized services, playing the role of broker in half. Athens Olympics, Liu Xiang of China took the first piece of men's 110 meters hurdles gold medal. Nike and Li's become attached to you sooner. Back in 1997, Nike sponsored Li; five years later, Li retired for two years to go to college, only to terminate the contract. reinstated after Li Na, Li Na Nike and quickly signed up. Adidas told us they choose to invest in and select star requirements. High Skyline sa air jordan 11 space jam for sale ys it will observe a tournament in China is not a widespread concern of consumers is not Adi target customers, if consumers are very popular sporting event, they will invest with the current focus to do some comparison, If the comparison, I felt the investment is worth it, we will consider the next step. Next, Adidas mainly observe the individual, team or event, it is not consistent with their brand or brand in line with the direction of future development. If the matching words, Adidas will make the evaluation system and evaluation according to the criteria brought this athlete, or sponsor the sports teams, or sponsorship decisions throughout the game, and this decision is the integration of the annual plan. High Skyline said, before investing, to conduct a feasibility study is also very critical. Such as sponsoring sports marketing, it requires you to have in-depth analysis of the team, observing their recent performance, observe their team morale. Even individual players may also become a risk factor for the team. Also, the trend observed over a period of time the team performance. These key points should be considered. In some cases, to consider the issue but also focus on the long-term, such as sponsoring a team event, it is not focused short-term interests. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Foo jordans on sale online twear News)Over the past 11 years, Nike SB and Doernbecher Freestyle work together to create the 13 pairs of shoes very classic, just today we brought the network was the latest masterpiece pair of sides this year, the brand was extracted inspiration from the past 13 pairs of shoes and into the "What The" elements, so that the shoes become unusual similarities and differences, and the use of waste in particular to build a skateboard shoe is reflect environmental awareness, it is learned that the shoes will be the North American time on June 11 on eBay The 10-day auction, the size US8-US12, US13 and US14 each a pair, the resulting DB donations will be donated to Children's Hospital. Recently the network again exposed one pair of Jordan Brand as Ray Allen to create the Air Jordan XX8 SE of PE boots, shoes use black for the background, Oscar gold outline the lines and in the bottom part, and finally to the iconic Crystal presenting translucent outsole. Overall emitting a strong nobility, and toe with Ray Allen's parents signed, but let valuable. And we can only look at sneaker ordinary matter, I wonder who "trench" gas can its friends in the bag, oh. 2015 Nike "play tricks" campaign will soon enter the next stage, Greater China 30 players stand out from nearly 20,000 participants, and on July 14 he went to Beijing Xing Rui Stadium (House Of Retro jordans for sale Rising Star) participation in the promotion race. Nike basketball player Paul & middot; George (Paul George) will bear Renxing Rui course instructors share his dedication to basketball and personal skills. Intensive training from July 16 to July 19 in a row on the 4th expansion will provide these students from all over Greater China, with different backgrounds, a higher level of training, and under the tutelage of Paul & middot; George to fight for their opportunity to play tricks. adidas shoes again for its classic Stan Smith launched a new color, the designer choose snakeskin pattern leather uppers to create a whole, the use of golden toe and collar rendering, using silver tongue is modified, shoes overall emitting a strong luxury temperament, I believe it will certainly continue again Stan & nbsp; Smith's hot trend, again this year, part of its whirlwind blowing, it is learned that the upcoming series of shoes on sale recently, and interested friends may wish to look it.The so-called big tree attracts the wind, people matter more than red, for now soar Jordan Brand, in addition to a variety of celebrations to commemorate gratifying than, in fact, a lot of lawsuits. Following infringement lawsuit earlier Dominick's grocery chain, has decided to sue Michael Jordan again, another supermarket chain located in Chicago, Jewel-Osco, on the grou jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black nds that the supermarket in 2009 he had the unauthorized use of his name as a propaganda. Can be clearly seen from the poster, similar to the body that a pair of Air Jordan sneakers 1 is also erased Swoosh Logo and tongue label, apparently Photoshop software masterpiece. This lawsuit and before Dominick's really somewhat similar to the specific situation in the future remains to be tracking reports.Nike Air Force 1 Low "Brown Canvas" physical exposure 2013-12-09 00:02:25 in addition to just bring the Nike Air Force 1 High "Barkroot Brown", the Nike also prepared a same color Nike Air Force 1 Low, compared with the high version, this version of the material in the low to help more with canvas material, two shades of a brown woven vamp has a special taste, finally still equipped with Oxford bottom. So far, there's no such information for AF1, but we'll soon see it on the shelves of the store. SSUR SHANGHAI to create dark street space for a clothing brand from the east coast of New York, in addition to the clothing itself, the dark street design shop gives the brand deeper connotation. The SSUR SHANGHAI is located in Shanghai, the French Concession garden villa, called "the shop is located in the city of Paris, and can feel the Tokyo popular" Changle Road street, a large black iron gate brings its own private space, the cheap foamposites shop walls using the entire surface of the mottled black stone, huge pieces of graffiti paintings by the host RUSS the creation makes the original rules 〉popular idol Shawn Yue is also a name of love shoes, small make up selected his 10 collection, don't know everyone like which one? in the envy of the idol has so many shoes at the same time, I hope you can wear your favorite sneaker, a lot of exercise, oh! As good as a man of God, will wear anything good. X Neighborhood NBHD Boston Super Adidas OGRoshe runnikeadidas Ultra Boost adidas Ultra Boost "Triple White "Adidas Yeezy Boost 350Nike HyperChaseNike LunarEpiccmss x new balance MRL996SYnew balance 1600Nike air footscape wovenpictures from micro-blogASICS Arthur promise - "science as the cornerstone" to guide the sustainable development strategy 2016-06-17 16:15:32 in 2020 2015 fiscal year sustainable development achievements, and put forward the new medium term sustainable development strategy outline for 2020. 2015 sustainable development goal ? (compared with the baseline level in 2009), carbon dioxide emission reduction by 43%, water consumption savings by 50%, solid waste emission reduction of 17% in each shoe production process has become one of the first companies to adopt RSL (AFIRM) in the international apparel and footwear restricted substances list management group h jordan 3 katrina 2018 as reviewed the social responsibility and labor standards of all tier 1 suppliers. All Arthur class suppliers have met or better than the Arthur CSR supplier basic standards. Arthur group has made great progress with the support of many stakeholders, and in 2015 achieved many challenging medium-term sustainable development goals. Arthur believes that the primary needs of key stakeholders should be the core consideration of the company's sustainable development strategy. In 2015, Arthur paid special attention to the following cooperation: The impact of carbon dioxide produced by production is reduced by is looking for the best solution for carbon dioxide emissions, improve energy efficiency, Arthur by METI (METI) and My Climate Japan commissioned Co. Ltd to cooperate, the project practice and two supplier production base is located in Kampuchea and vietnam. In the first phase of the project, the energy conservation review of the production base was carried out, and 36 cost-effective energy saving measures were identified, which meant that 464 tons of carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced every year. Arthur offered these measures to the relevant suppliers and discussed them with the implementation details. Not only that, these measures are also being used to help other suppliers reduce carbon dioxide emissions from production and im cheap air jordans prove energy efficiency. Management of chemicals Arthur is one of the members of the list of international apparel and footwear restricted substances inventory management team, participated in the formulation of the first international clothing and footwear restricted substances inventory management group AFIRM RSL. This global standard will help brands and suppliers to establish knowledge of chemical management, establish compliance levels, and provide a unified basis for analysis and testing. Arthur is committed to support the unified product chemicals management industry standards, improve the implementation of the standard, through the reduction of suppliers in the audit and testing of the burden, joint establishment of a safe, pollution-free, transparent supply chain. Arthur has now adopted the AFIRM RSL, an international apparel and footwear restricted substances inventory management group, which has become the first enterprise to use this standard in the industrystarted after the London Olympic Games. After nearly 4 years of research and development, the newest member of the Adidas BOOST family, Adizero Avanti PRIME, was officially released. The lightweight, comfortable and breathable as demands, this pair of shoes is the biggest highlight of professional BOOST corrosion and outsole hobnail bottom epicenter of the first combination with four nail design unique, on the outer end of the nail under the soles of the feet affixed to the demand distribution, provides excellent grip in the long distance running process, and compared with the traditional EVA outsole, its unique temperature invariance is also more stable. In addition, the Adizero Avanti PRIME shoe body is made of 3D mesh, and through the division of different density to bring the maximum support and excellent permeability. At present, this pair of running shoes has been on sale at, priced at $160 dollars. Jordan Brand Jumpman Logo development so far, has long been a symbol of Michael Jordan, but when he entered the NBA occupation alliance, not to cooperate with the Nike before the student is actually using Converse as boots, NBA career after he had returned to the University of North Carolina alumni play game, because this has been the first two belong to his the player version, the Air Jordan x Converse 'The 2 That Started It All Pack "is take a review of the early period on North Carolina and Michael story details if you are interested can pull down to watch some shoes. Michael Jordan signed the contract, there is a special agreement called Love of the Game, so he can at any time and places with anyone (usually learn basketball players will have the occupation protection clause to prevent accidentally injured during the off-season), also because this provision allows him to attend in 1986 and 1987 at the University of North Carolina at the alumni tournament, 86 years when he was wearing a special brand Air Jordan 2 debut, followed by a North Carolina color, according to official data Michael Jordan says this is the first pair of PE, the following is put on a low cylinder version, and the sale of this city is high a barrel 86 years plus 87 years of the date to show. in the Air Jordan series, this pair of boots should be on Michael Jordan as one of the most important shoes, Converse Fastbreak had to accompany him twice to taste the taste of champions, the first is the 1982 NCAA national championship, he dropped into a winning goal to help the University of North Carolina king in the final stage of the finals; the other is in the summer of 1984, when he was chosen by the Chicago bulls ready for occupation career, the hearts of the love of the game that he didn't decline up to the national team, No. 9 shirt at the Losangeles Olympic Games, won the first Olympic basketball gold medal.adidas Materials of the World 07; Adidas Originals this month and the finale of the most important series of "MOTW" around the world series of official debut! The men's section more thick coat, color to black and green . is a part of women's boots, ship collar sweater, coat the long version, very suitable for mix up, showing mix and chic feeling... Materials of the World around the world; the world geographical and cultural customs as inspiration, the classic three leaves represent the global impression of ingenious combination in each commodity, excellent skill show stunning fusion of classic motion profile and other changeable elements around the material totem. Every piece of goods not only inherited the Adidas Originals classic essence, more telling from England, Canada, Russia, Alaska, Norway, Spain, Peru and so on the different cultural and ethnic life story, want to convey the original attitude gives a more complete definition of the Adidas Originals, a powerful advantage contemporary cultural spirit will continue to lead the trend of the streets! Canadian download (111.86 KB)2007-10-29 Adidas Materials of the 〈br world="" 07〈br="" 2007-10-29="" 21:18 British female (177.17 KB)2007-10-29 Adidas Materials of the British male download (159.2 KB)2007-10-29 Adidas Materials of the Air Jordan 1 first year + Celtics DMP I / 60+ Pack package finally released the news! Hongkong has boxed out, the price is about 2399 Hong Kong dollars, single out of box, the price is more than 1200 Hong Kong dollars...... Is it Expensive? Personally, it makes sense, buy.